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Custom android kernel by P1N2O

Delta Kernel
Custom android kernel by P1N2O
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Delta Kernel is a custom android kernel based on clean AOSP/LOS sources.
It is optimized and tweaked to achieve maximum possible performance while keeping battery life and stability in mind.

Unused/sparsely used features are removed and the kernel is debloated to keep it clean and simple.
However, some of the most expected features are retained.

• Always merge latest Linux Stable
• Google Common Kernel commits
• Latest CAF Audio & Wi-Fi drivers
• Latest & Legacy touch versions
• Scheduler Stune Boost
• Power Efficient Workqueue
• Westwood TCP Cong. Algorithm
• DTS Ultra:X Support
• Schedutil from Pixel device
• Sound & Vibration control
• KCAL & K-LAPSE support
• CPU Optimizations & Tuneup
• Boeffla Wake Lock Blocker
• sdFAT/exFAT & F2FS support
• Always upstream to latest CAF tag
• Pick Xiaomi changes (if required)
• Built with the latest Clang (-O3)
• ULPS (Ultra Low Power State)
• NAP Power Saving State
• CRC & Fsync toggle
• Latest WireGuard support
• TTL Tethering patch
• Maple, Zen, SIO, FIOPS sched.
• USB Fast Charge
• Disabled Z-RAM (by default)
• Improved Deep Sleep & Idle Drain
• GPU UC (180MHz) & OC (820MHz)
• AdrenoBoost support

The kernel is usually shipped with the latest available touch firmwares/drivers, but we have two touch versions for certain devices like Poco F1 which have touch issues on certain panels.

• Latest touch version
• Legacy touch version

The latest version is always recommended and is the default option. However, you can try the legacy version if you have problems with the latest version.

In Poco F1's case:
Latest = 10.3.7 for NVT & 11.0.4 for FTS
Legacy = Modified 9.1.24 for NVT & 11.0.4 for FTS

Delta Kernel is supposed to work on all ROMs running the latest Android version (10). However some ported ROMs (like OOS, MiRoom) are known to have issues. Though it might boot and work fine, it isn't officially supported by me.

0. [Skip this step if you are on Stock/Delta kernel]
If you are coming from a different kernel Dirty flash your ROM zip & DFE (if you use)*

1. Flash Delta Kernel

2. Wipe Cache/Dalvik (optional)

3. Reboot

* Dirty flashing your ROM is necessary to revert the changes made to the system/ramdisk by your old kernel/other mods.
Note: If you have any issues, it is recommended to clear your Kernel Manager's storage to clear any 'Apply on Boot' parameters.

If you have any questions, need any assistance, stay updated or if you'd just want to be a part of Delta Community follow us on the below platforms:

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